Free Mulch Register

Connecting the Perth public with local Tree Contractors to support community mulch recycling




Something to consider ‒ The average load is 10 - 15 cubic meters ‒ which can cover approx* 150 square meters at 100mm depth. This sized load is x3 the average purchased quantity by households to garden and landscape supply stores. This sized load will occupy the size of an average SUV on your verge or driveway.


*This initiative is only current in Perth Metropolitan and Peel region areas*



Q: Are there any fees involved?
A: There are no required fees to register, for delivery or for any mulch materials

A: How long does it take to receive a delivery?
Q: This can depend on your location, specified quantity and type of registration.

Q: Can I upgrade to receive a delivery sooner?
A: Upon registering you can offer an amount to pay the Tree Contractor. This may prioritise your Dropsite on the list provided to businesses

Q: Can I permanently register my address as a Dropsite?
A: Yes ‒ your Dropsite will be classified as an Unlimited Dropsite until you unregister



ECO-MULCH PTY LTD ("The Company") provides a public facilitation service to connect You ("The User") with Tree Service Contractors (“Arborists”) with intention to support community mulch recycling and sustainable by-product disposal. This is not a for-profit initiative of "The Company" and we are not paid any commissions for this public facilitation service. 


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