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Terms of Service: Free Mulch Register

ECO-MULCH PTY LTD ("The Company") provides a public facilitation service to connect You ("The User") with Tree Service Contractors (“Arborists”) with intention to support community mulch recycling and sustainable by-product disposal. This is not a for-profit initiative of "The Company" and we are not paid any commissions for this public facilitation service. 



By registeringYou agree to understand the following Terms of Service: 

1The Company holds no responsibility for either the supply or removal of any requested or unwanted materials, including excess materials sought by the User. 2The Company holds no responsibility for any damage, loss or theft caused to any property or land. 3To the full extent permitted by law, the User disclaims any and all warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the quantity or condition of any materials provided by The Arborists. 4The Company is not liable under any circumstances for the loss of profit which burden consequence of The User receiving any materials.